The answer to all of those questions is a resounding "Yes". I guess that's only the answer to one of those questions. I'm a guy, who wants to learn and help others learn. About everything. Literally everything. I don't know about everything, but you all do. Not any particular one of you, but put together, we'd be one hell of a bar room trivia team. I want to mix business and pleasure on this blog. BA stands for Business Analyst, which, yes, is my day job. But I don't want to be painted with that brush. Mainly because I'm not a normal BA, I have a lot more project management and development management responsibilities. But BA also stands for Bad Ass. I don't know if I'm a bad ass, I've never been tested (for that in particular, the other tests are clean) but I do a lot of cool stuff, both at work and outside of work. The goal of this blog is to talk about all of that stuff, and then let you all go balls to the walls in the comments sharing everything from your similar experiences, your questions about the experience (for me, or for others) or to just say "Dave that's awesome" or "Dave you're a real idiot". A lot of people like me, a lot of people don't like me. I have that likeable personality that some people just hate. I also have no filter. That will become apparent. Fast. I don't expect to get a lot of readers up front, so I'm just gonna dive in, spew garbage onto these pages and let you people come as you please.